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Staff Profile

Tom Hewis

Principal Social Worker for Children and Adults, North Lincolnshire Council

I am proud to be a social worker, and since qualifying in 2006 can honestly say that I’ve felt privileged to work with and for some amazing people. I’ve worked in a variety of statutory social work settings over that time but I’m still motivated by the same thing every day – doing something that aims to improve the lives of vulnerable children, families, and adults.
As Principal Social Worker I am involved with developing strategy and implementing council and government policy, whilst still being ‘in practice’. This means understanding the reality of front-line practice and management, and alongside my colleagues maintaining an absolute focus upon what children and adults are telling us so that we can provide the best help possible.
I have had lots of training and professional development opportunities as a social worker, but my best learning has been from listening to and observing others, and then reflecting. As a PSW I work as part of a team to create the conditions for effective practice, and one of my areas of focus is to help encourage space for critical thinking and reflection – my strong belief is that we are most effective when we keep things simple, work in partnership, and create change through relationships.