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North East Lincolnshire Council

North East Lincolnshire Council are doing things differently and our clear strategic priorities are to promote a stronger local economy and stronger communities. We recognise that in order to meet the challenges and opportunities before us, it is important to look at how the public, private and voluntary sectors can work well together to make a difference to local people, local business and local communities. We are also serious about encouraging opportunity and harnessing talent in our organisation. How we behave as individuals and in teams; how we demonstrate the values of openness, inclusivity, honesty, humility and a commitment to making a difference are integral to the journey that this organisation has embarked upon.

In our work with children, young people and families it is our intention to ‘work with’ as opposed to ‘doing to’ people, and this is the foundation for the ‘high challenge, high support’ way of working with each other and with the people in our community, that we wish to achieve. Within our Creating Strong Communities model we have adopted four specific practices: Restorative Practice, Outcome-Based Accountability, Family Group Conferencing and Signs of Safety, they form a cohesive way of working and will provide an innovative approach to driving substantial change both within our social work practice and the wider community.