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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

We are a Local Authority Children’s and Families Service in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

In 2016 Ofsted rated all our services for children as good with outstanding for care leavers. We put children at the heart of everything we do with a particular focus on early help support and prevention.

The East Riding of Yorkshire is one of the largest local authority areas in the country, covering over 930 square miles with a population of approximately 337,100 people. Our geography is diverse, ranging from the glorious beaches and coastline of Bridlington, the beautiful countryside across the Wolds through to the busy and active working ports of Goole. East Riding embraces everyone and caters for a wide range of interests.

East Riding is a partner with the city of culture and is actively engaged with the range of events and activities across 2017 and beyond. Our recent hosting of the Tour de Yorkshire has been an exciting addition to our yearly calendar of social and sporting events and our sports and leisure facilities continue to win national awards and offer facilities for all abilities.

Our arts and culture offers something for everyone with the Bridlington Spa playing host to a fantastic range of local and international artists whilst our East Riding theatre hosts smaller, intimate plays and concerts.

Within our Children’s services our ambition is for all children and young people in the East Riding to be happy, healthy, confident and safe and we work in partnership to remove barriers to achievement and narrow the gap so that everyone can reach their potential.

In 2016 Ofsted rated our services for children in need of help and protection as good with outstanding features. There was particular comment to the fantastic quality of our social work practice which described that:

Children who need help and protection are supported by good services that improve their welfare and help to keep them safe. Social workers see children regularly and know them well. This means that children are able to build trusting relationships with them. The adoption of a consistent social work model of practice helps workers to focus on children’s lived experiences and on what needs to change to improve their outcomes. Social workers are tenacious and creative in engaging with and understanding the wishes and feelings of children, and make good use of a range of direct work tools.

In the East Riding of Yorkshire we are proud of our work with children and their families and we invite you to come and be part of a team of social workers who make a difference.