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About us

Humber Social Work Teaching Partnership is partnership between local employers and the region’s leading academic institutions with the aim of recruiting the highest calibre candidates into the social work profession.

The partnership comprises the University of Hull, representatives from the service user and carer group and the Voluntary, Private, Independent sector, Hull City Council, East Riding Council, North East Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council, Humber NHS Trust, NAViGO, and FOCUS Adult Social Work, and provides a supported journey through academic study into full time employment.

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Making a difference

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Why choose us?

Humber Social Work Teaching Partnership offers a different way of learning. The academic element of the course has been developed by both academics and practitioners, providing students with a more holistic experience. We see your education as a journey of learning, practical experience and finally employment, and one which we will fully support you on.

With a high percentage of employment across the region within six months, our approach aims to support graduates to be confident, competent that are ‘work-ready’ and highly attractive to prospective employers.

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Our programme

Our programme has been developed by both academics and practitioners, providing students with both the academic theory and practical experience they will need when they enter the social work profession as practitioners. Our aim is to develop ‘work-ready’ graduates who are highly attractive to prospective employers through a fully supported pathway.

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How to apply

Application is simple. Click on READ MORE to apply online.

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Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a range of learning activities through which professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they continue to be able to practise safely, effectively, and legally, within their changing scope of practice.

“Social Work” remains a protected title and it is mandatory for social work professionals within the UK to evidence further learning when renewing their registration with their respective regulatory body. The Humber Social Work Teaching Partnership will support you and provide resources for your Continuing Professional Development.

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The Humber Social Work Teaching Partnership is funded by the Department of Education and Department of Health.